House Rules

House Rules

  • Check-in and Check-out times are 3:00pm and 10:00am, respectively.

  • Smoking - No smoking is permitted inside the cottage. However smoking is permitted outside the cottage away from open doors or windows. Do not leave any cigarette butts on the property. Please use a proper receptacle to dispose of them. Cigarette butt collection (if left on the ground) is subject to a $60 fee.

  • No Pets - Due to know allergies of the owners we do not allow pets.

  • Community Notes - Cottage communities have become very inter-dependent. Everyone knows everyone else and keeps an eye on their property for them. Don't be surprised if someone introduces themself to you and asks who you are. Explain that you are guests of the owner's. Your due consideration of the owner's place in that community will be appreciated - we ask that before 8am and after 10pm guests are considerate of the neighbors and keep the noise levels low. No loud parties or events and observe normal boating and water guidelines, etc.

  • Cleanliness & Undamaged - Guest(s) shall leave premises in clean, undamaged condition. The vacationer is required to leave the cottage as it was found, ready for the next renter. Although the cottage is professionally cleaned between renters we ask that - Please remove your food from the fridge and freezer. There is a set of cleaning supplies should any spills occur during your stay. Renters are asked to leave any linens(ie. teatowels, dish clothes) requiring laundary service to please place them on the floor in the bathroom. All dishes/utensils are to be washed and returned to original cupboards. No anti-bacterial soap in sinks.

  • Waste Disposal - All garbage must be taken on departure. Renters are asked to please remove all rubbish, recycling and empty alcohol containers and take with you upon checkout. Garbage disposal is located at the Healey Transfer Station on your way out of the marina parking lot. Details for disposal are included in the rental contract as well as on the departure checklist. Refer to instructions in the cottage binder. A $50 charge will apply to any garbage left behind at the cottage.

  • Fireworks and other incendiary devices - No fireworks on property. Fireworks cause forest fires. The lighting of fireworks are absolutely FORBIDDEN at the cottage. Any renter caught lighting fireworks will be immediately evicted. Likewise, no other incendiary devices are allowed, this includes tiki torches and light fluid for campfires.

  • Bathroom / Septic System - The cottage operates on a septic system. The septic system is a very sensitive, and integral, part of cottage life. The basic rule is do not put anything down the toilet other than natural waste and toilet paper (and be conservative with the paper). It is critical that nothing else be flushed down the toilet, especially baby wipes or wet wipes and feminine hygiene products. Please place in the garbage located beside the toilet.

  • Fireplace - Please do not use artificial logs or anything other than hardwood firewood (such as maple or ash, not pine, cedar or wood scrapes). Do not use lighter fluid to start the fire. Do not overload the fireplace. Assure that you do not operate the woodstove with the door open. Do not cut down trees on the property for firewood. Do not cut or split wood on the fireplace hearth (it will break) or anywhere inside the cottage.

  • Outdoor Fires - Recreational "campfires" are only allowed in the established fire pit on the cottage property. Do not leave fires unattended.

  • BBQ is provided for the enjoyment of guests. Please clean after each use.

  • On departure, please make sure doors and windows are all locked and all appliances are switched off and the departure checklist is complete.